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Worth asking the question!

Did you know some 18,000 Armed Forces pensions remain unclaimed every year! Here’s a case where someone approached us and asked a simple question of entitlement.

A  serving person rang concerning his wife, who served in the 1980s – he wanted to know if she qualified for a pension. We checked the basic requirements and that she served sufficient time – she did. The Society holds all the codes and pension tables going back to the 1970s, so using the appropriate tables we did the calculation. When she left in 1987 the pension was worth £380 a year, but in the interim all pensions have been increased. As we have all the multiplication tables, we worked out that the £380 is now worth around £1,000 a year. It’s gone from something that seemed relatively worthless to being something worth having. By the time she claims it, it will probably be worth £1,200 – plus a lump sum, so worth asking the question!

We offer basic information for all on our website, however our Pension Advisory Service is available only to Society Members. When you join the Forces Pension Society, we help you become aware of your pension options and entitlements. We assist with choosing when to leave (and when not to) as this can have a really beneficial (or negative) impact on the value of your pension; producing and checking forecasts, breaking down the details so the options are clearly understood; understanding options about how and when you draw it and how much of a lump sum you want on departure; what happens if you become a Reservist; potential dependants’ pension entitlement; pension-sharing orders on divorce; annual allowance and much more.

It pays to understand your pension.


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