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Veterans’ Gateway Casework

As well as dealing with our Members enquiries, the Society also answers questions for those who seek advice through Veterans' Gateway. We hope that by doing this we increase pensions understanding among veterans, replacing confusion and misunderstanding with clarity and confidence. Here are a handful of our recent cases
  • Mr B* turned 60 in January and is now in receipt of a pension of £3,600 pa.  His £10,800 tax free lump sum arrived in his bank while he was away on his big birthday holiday.
  • Gerald* has just been awarded a pension of about £3,500 and lump sum of £10,500 --- and a couple of years back-pension.
  • Helena* has received a forecast telling her that she is due a pension of about £3,000 and a lump sum of about £9,000 in a couple of year.
Well done to all as none of them had been aware that they had preserved AFPS 75 benefits - and all they had to do was ask the Veterans' Gateway who referred them to 'us!   (*All names withheld)  


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