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Flexible Service – Points to Note

This month saw the introduction of flexible service for serving personnel.

Flexible service allows serving personnel to work part time and/or to restrict their separation from their home base. Both can affect your pension entitlement. Three points to note:

  •  The May issue of Pennant will include an article on Flexible Service, explaining the implications. Look out for it.
  • The on-line Armed Forces Pensions Calculator is being updated and from Summer 19 it will allow personnel to enter periods of Flexible Service (dates and type – whether Part Time or Restricted Separation), enabling them to obtain a pension forecast that takes FS into account. However, those groups of personnel that are currently not covered by the AF Pensions Calculator will still not be covered following this update.
  • Meanwhile personnel may submit Pension Form 12 to obtain a manually generated Pension forecast showing the effects on their pension of a variety of hypothetical Flexible Service arrangements. The Pension Form 12 is available at this link


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