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Goodbye Mr Hermelin

We say a fond farewell to our Support Manager Stuart Hermelin who retired yesterday

Stuart joined the then Officers’ Pension Society in 1997 after 22 years in the Royal Army Pay Corps, leaving as the Inspecting Warrant Officer Service Funds in London District.

He was the ideal fit for a Society seeking to move with the times and his first job was to computerise the accounts. Thereafter he established an internal computer network, making him the resident computer ‘expert’ and in 2017 moved us onto a cloud-based system. He also set Pennant until 2017 when we outsourced it, but still oversees its production. For many years he also collected payments to the FPS Health Group policy now passed to AXA last year in anticipation of his departure.

Ably supported by his wife Nenette he has contributed an enormous amount to the Society in his time with us and on his retirement, we wish him the very best for the future.


IMG_5426 (2)

The Team  (past and present) – From Left to right: Mike, Jac, Paddy, Andy, Wendy, Terry, Stuart, David, Ceri, Andrew, Jo, Harsha, Kate, Denis, Neil, Hugo


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