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Living Abroad Life Certification and Rumour Control

We  have been contacted by a couple of members living abroad who were concerned because they had heard that ‘Armed Forces pensions may no longer be payable in some countries’.

This is complete nonsense and on investigation appears to arise from a misunderstanding of the MOD’s ‘life certification’ exercise. Periodically those living abroad and in receipt of an Armed Forces pension are required to complete a life certificate to verify that they are still alive and kicking – this is because there have been cases where payment has continued well after a pensioner had died – because the relevant authorities had not been informed.

Complete the form and return it and all will be well. Ignore it and your pension is likely to be stopped – on the assumption that you are dead – and in the knowledge that if you are not, you will very quickly make it known.

Bottom line; Armed Forces pensioners living abroad are entitled to receive a pension like anyone else; if you receive a life certificate form – fill it in and return it – and keep your address up to date.

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