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Roadshow 15-19 July

Next week we take our pensions roadshow to the following units:


16/07/2019 RAF Waddington Royal Air Force Kate Goodchild RAF Waddington
17/07/2019 Officer Cadet Brief Royal Air Force Andrew Scott RAF Cranwell
18/07/2019 Household Cavalry LEO Army Mick Birrell London
18/07/2019 Maritime Reserves & FTRS Recruitment Fair Royal Navy Kate Goodchild Whale Island

We are in high demand and the number of briefings and locations covered are increasing as more and more of you discover the value they bring. We can brief to large ‘all ranks’ (including dependents) audiences, combined Officer and Warrant Officer and Sergeants’ Mess audiences, key career courses and the like. Most importantly, we tailor our brief to your audience.

Please call Kate Goodchild on +44 (0) 7725 555 012  or email  who will be delighted to arrange a brief.


Our full programme can be found here


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