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New Office for Veterans’ Affairs Created to Provide Lifelong Support to Military Personnel

The Government have announced that the Minister for the Cabinet Office Oliver Dowden, and MoD and Cabinet Office Minister Johnny Mercer, will oversee a new Office for Veterans’ Affairs. The announcement this morning said that ''The newly created Office for Veterans’ Affairs inside the Cabinet Office will be staffed by officials from the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence (and others as necessary). The best experts from across Whitehall will now be working together in the Cabinet Office hub on an holistic approach to veterans’ affairs. The Office will work with departments to coordinate and drive government policy on veterans’ welfare, spanning mental and physical health, education and employment. The head of the Office for Veterans’ Affairs will report jointly to both Ministers.'' You can read the full press release here      
 Photo: Sergeant Tom Robinson RLC/MOD, OGL v1.0,

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