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National Insurance credits for service partners whilst serving overseas

This remains a standing item and will do so as long as we continue to receive a mailbag from those who have successfully claimed NI credits for service abroad, having read about it through us –  the most recent letter on the subject arrived saying:

‘My wife applied for the gaps in her payment history to be filled for the four years we served in Germany (1995-1999), and has been credited with entitlement for the gaps that had previously existed.’

If you are a spouse eligible for the new state pension (but sadly not those eligible for and drawing the old pre-April 2015 state pension), and you have gaps in your National Insurance record caused by accompanied service abroad – you can claim back the missing years.  And if you were smart enough to pay for the missing years when you were abroad and before the credits came in – you can claim those costs back as well (although experience of members doing this  have been mixed).

See:  for details – and tell your mates


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