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Join us in Larkhill

As a Gunner himself, our forthcoming visit to Larkhill Garrison is a significant day for our Chief Executive

“Understanding what your pension is worth is the foundation upon which all your future financial decisions are likely to be taken. This may not be as straightforward as it sounds since there are a number of schemes in operation and the particular circumstances of each individual are different. Add to this the wide number of options available to you and it is easy to see why more than 55,000 people have joined the Society where they can access help from our team of pension experts.”

“The point of our presentations in Larkhill on 11th September (as for all of our nationwide Roadshow Presentations) is for our serving community to hear an independent assessment of the complexities and benefits of the Pension Schemes to help you make better informed decisions. A great deal of rumour and misunderstanding surrounds the pension debate with much of it distorting the realities.”

“If you can join us at one of the presentations, whether in Larkhill or elsewhere, I promise we will leave you better informed and more aware of your options. And if the thorny issue of tax allowances is a concern, we will expose some of the current issues and challenges as well as providing an update on recent High Court rulings.”

“Join us and you will see why we say It pays to understand your pension.

Full details of the series of presentations at Larkhill can be found here


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