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An Update on McCloud

Service personnel were informed of the McCloud Judgement and the potential impact on the Armed Forces Pension Schemes in July 2019

The Ministry of Defence has recently released an update and a video on the judgement

So, to clarify…

  • The MOD Team is working with the Treasury and cross-Government groups on a remedy
  • The remedy will be presented to the Employment Tribunal
  • the remedy will ensure that the unique nature of the AFPS is taken into consideration
  • Case management discussions are ongoing to review each public service pension scheme and will continue for the remainder of the year, at least
  • Any remedy will be for the Employment Tribunal to decide with the claimants and the Government – at present there is no date fixed for this hearing
  • Service personnel will keep the pensions they have accrued irrespective of the schemes they are in
  • Updates will be provided to Service Personnel as information becomes available in the form of a monthly poster
  • Look out for further updates in due course

If you are part of the Civil Service Pensions, and you would like to find out more information about McCloud please visit this webpage for more information

Source: Ministry of Defence 6 November 2019

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