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Free legal expenses policy with Household Insurance from RT Williams

R. T. Williams have a long-standing connection with the Forces Pension Society, having originally advertised in Pennant magazine as far back as the 1950’s.

Brigadier Rex Williams started offering insurance advice in 1948 at a time when professional advice was as vital as it is today. Times move on and nowadays Christopher Williams, grandson of the Brigadier, is managing director. Our ethos however remains the same: – to provide no fuss, professional and friendly advice for a wide variety of clients from individuals who need personal advice through to business owners who need specialist advice to ensure they have robust and effective insurance for the ever changing world in which they operate.

”We are proud that many of our clients began their connection with us back in the days of the Brigadier and some are now third or fourth generation clients and spread all over the UK.

Whilst we fully embrace modern technology, good “old fashioned” service hasn’t been replaced, for example: –

  • Calls to our office are always answered in person (no automated voice system)
  • A dedicated broker is allocated to each client to ensure continuity
  • You can speak to the same person avoiding the need to repeat information
  • A chance to discuss your needs rather than online questionnaires
  • Professional advice is provided so you can rest assured everything has been done properly

All too often these days household insurance is purchased online, this can be a time consuming exercise and often complicated to compare “like for like” cover. Additionally, any online purchase will be made without professional advice whereas an insurance broker can guide you through to be sure that any unusual construction details or items are properly catered for. Unfortunately, making genuine mistakes can be costly as insurers could refuse cover in the event of a subsequent claim. Our staff will listen to your needs and only offer advice once they are in full possession of all the information necessary to ensure the most suitable and cost- effective solution can be found.

Typical areas where information can be ambiguous includes: –

  • Non-standard construction of homes, including areas of flat roofing
  • Full disclosure of previous claims
  • Inclusion of ALL contents at the correct replacement cost including collections, art and jewellery at updated values
  • Declaring the use of the home for anything other than personal dwelling such as any business use including renting rooms via Air BNB for example
  • Disclosure of any unspent criminal conviction by ANYONE who lives at the property

To recognise our special relationship with The Forces Pension Society we currently offering a free legal expenses policy for members who take out a new household policy with us for the first time. We always recommend this cover to our clients to assist with the pursuit or defence of certain legal rights up to £50,000. Areas of cover under the policy include: –

  • Personal injury
  • Clinical and medical negligence
  • Employment disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Legal defence
  • Professional negligence
  • Court attendance (£1k max)
  • Jury service (£1k max)
  • Tax protection
  • Identity theft
  • Education appeals
  • Probate disputes
  • Home sale or purchase disputes
  • Homebuyers protection (various limits)

You can find out more about R.T. Williams Insurance Brokers by visiting our website at   or to see how we can help you simply give us a call on 01273 328181 or email us ”

Legal information: –

R.T. Williams Insurance Brokers Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Registered office: – The Old Coach House, 110 Old London Road, Brighton, BN1 8BB

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