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‘McCloud’- a message from Head of Pensions about enquiry priorities

”Last week’s McCloud updates have created an upsurge in related enquiries.  

We fully understand Members’ thirst to compare potential ‘what if’ scenarios. However, the combination of too many unknowns and complexity of individual circumstances make these enquiries very resource intensive and potentially for little gain given the ongoing uncertainty about the remedy.

Therefore, we would be grateful if Members could resist the temptation to ask for comparative ‘what if’ forecasts so that we can continue to focus on ‘business as usual’ enquiries. This will enable us to reduce further the time taken to answer enquiries which is now 2 weeks – down from 5-6 weeks in Dec 19.

In the meantime we will continue to liaise with MoD regarding any intentions they might have to provide historical forecasts and make available an online tool allowing AFPS members to produce ‘what if’ forecasts for themselves.”

Charlie King, Head of Pensions

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