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How we’re helping to carry on life as normal… least as far as your pension is concerned

In most respects we are ‘business as usual’ so please follow the original advice when engaging with the team here FPS Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan.

Regarding Armed Forces Pension Scheme forecasts, for the time being we have adjusted the process as follows:

  • Members - login here and follow the steps of ‘How do I get a pension forecast’ in the Members Area FAQs.
  • Non-Members – join here and then follow the instructions as a Member above. (The requirement to become a Member of the Society is to protect individuals, the MoD and the Society regarding data protection and professional indemnity insurance in respect of independent and approved access to personal Service records.)

With respect to the many queries that we have had about the security of Armed Forces pensions in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, our comment remains as published here but essentially it is that: 

  • The MoD has specifically stated that all Armed Forces Pensions payments will continue to be made as usual into your nominated account.
  • Serving Personnel should be reassured that their entitlements to benefits will continue to be earned exactly as usual during the current crisis.

In other news, we have just ‘road tested’ successfully our AFPS Roadshow webinar capability. We therefore plan to expand it in the coming weeks to include hopefully the Financial Aspects of Resettlement (FAR) briefings that we undertake on behalf of Career Transition Partnership.

More to follow as we continue to adapt to the current circumstances.

A full staff contact list can be found here

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