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Thousands of married women ‘short-changed’ by up to £135m in state pension error

Former pensions minister Steve Webb, has been active on Twitter and in the National press regarding the possible underpayment of pensions for women that retired prior to 01/04/2016, in fact The Times on Saturday 23 May reported that

 ‘Up to 135,000 retired married women could be owed £135 million in underpaid state pensions after an investigation showed “shocking” failures in the system’

In recent weeks, Webb and This is Money have been covering this ‘blunder’ which has led to numerous women missing out on thousands of pounds in state pension over many years.

The DWP have responded by saying

“We are aware of a number of cases where individuals have been underpaid state pension. We corrected our records and reimbursed those affected as soon as errors were identified, and we are checking for further cases.”

Do you think you are being underpaid? If you can answer YES to the following questions then you may well qualify...

  • Are you a married woman over state pension age, who reached pension age before 6 April 2016?
  • Is your husband over state pension age?
  • Does/did your husband have a full state pension in his own right?
  • Are you  getting a weekly basic state pension less than £80.45 per week

Members can also check whether they have been affected by filling in this quick questionnaire and if you think your state pension is less than you are owed, you should contact the Department for Work and Pensions 

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