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Brexit Update

Members will remember that:

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020; is now in a transitional/implementation period where it remains subject to EU rules and is still a member of the single market and customs union; the transitional period ends on 31 Dec 2020; and it is against UK law for a Minister to agree to any extension to the transition period.

The EU is insisting on a ‘level playing field’ and that the UK does not undercut EU regulations. The UK’s stance is that some degree of divergence was the essence of Brexit and that it wants to apply precedents from other trade deals. The EU’s stance is that the UK’s proximity to the EU, and the degree of economic integration with the EU, mean the same rules cannot apply.

The European Council dates of 15/16 October and 10/11 December are likely to shape the pace and nature of negotiations. Members who live in, or are thinking of moving to an EU country, may find this link useful

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