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Introducing Digital CULTure from BFBS Academy

Want to seriously build up your social media skills?

If you want to learn a new skill, build your business through advanced social media ads, or change careers and move into the digital world, this course is for you. Social media skills are seriously in demand. You can often work from anywhere - including your home.he social media training is an 11-week course which is completed from home. We use a combination of online learning tools, social media and mentoring to provide first-class course content.

The programme is an 11-week, web-based course, using a combination of online learning tools, live lessons and mentoring to give you the very best programme money can buy*.

This isn't a click-through exercise like some of the other courses out there. You’ll have weekly virtual lessons with a dedicated social media coach who’ll guide and support you throughout the duration of the course.

You’ll be learning from a global broadcaster’s social media team.

Once you’ve completed the course you’ll know how to plan and implement a social media campaign from start to finish, you’ll be creating original and engaging content, be able to confidently manage active social media platforms, and you’ll know how to use insights and analytics to shape future campaigns.

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* "unsubstantiated claim, but trust us – we're good. Scrap that, we’re better than good."

BFBS Academy

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