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Re-joining the Armed Forces

We get many questions on rejoining and how it may affect your pension.

A Member recently asked...

Will there be any pension implications if I re-join to help support the Army during the COVID19 situation?

The Army re-joining page states the following

 ‘’Your pension will stop when you re-join and you will accumulate a new AFPS15 pension. When you discharge again a new calculation will be made with your old and new pension. If you receive a medical pension, this will stop if you're declared fit for service’’

However, from an FPS perspective, the answer will depend in part on your circumstances. For example, how long ago did you leave service? Are you in receipt of a pension now? The other factor will be the terms of your reappointment, for example, anticipated contract term, regular, mobilised reservist, full-time, part-time and so on. You must also bear in mind that in the current situation an initial 3 month contract might of course change to something much longer depending on the state of the nation’s health.

The more we know of your circumstances the more we may be able to help, and if you would like a personal consultation, we are happy to provide that but you will need to be a member of the Society. You can join here

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