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The NHS Armed Forces families engagement is now live

Improving health and wellbeing support for armed forces families in England - your chance to speak

The NHS in England provides healthcare services for families of serving personnel (regular and reserve) who have registered with an NHS GP practice and the families of veterans. 
Whilst most armed forces families enjoy healthy lives, the unique circumstances of military life can cause pressure for some, and affect an individual’s health and wellbeing. This is in addition to moving home every few years, which can make accessing the NHS difficult. 

These factors can affect the lives of armed forces families, creating a difficult situation for them. The NHS want to help change this, so that armed forces families are able to access local NHS services easily in all parts of England. It also important to ensure that they can get care and support from clinicians and people who understand their health and wellbeing needs. 

This questionnaire is an opportunity for people and organisations to share their views on how the NHS can do this. The questionnaire covers NHS services in England only.

Anyone can share their views, however, they are particularly keen to hear from armed forces families (regular, reserve and veteran families), people who are serving in or who have served in the British armed forces and organisations working with or supporting the armed forces community. Responses will be treated in confidence and help the NHS improve the care and support they offer to armed forces families in England. 

These documents include information on why we are doing this and how to share your views.  

Survey closes on 30 November 2020

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