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Understanding AFPS Pen Form 1

As you head towards your exit date there is so much to do, and in our final article of 2020 we walk you through this all important form.

As part of the discharge process you will be required to complete an AFPS Pen Form 1 either electronically on JPA or in hardcopy as part of your Leaver’s Pack.  It is a lengthy form which many people fill in without truly appreciating its importance. 

In this article we walk you through the form in order that, when you complete the form, your intentions are clear and considered, and your understanding of what you are signing up to is sound.

Part A of the form is all about you, why you are leaving and your contact details after your discharge.  So that is the easy bit!

Part B is really just an instruction panel. 

If you are leaving before your Immediate Pension (IP) Point (AFPS 75), your Early Departure Payment (EDP) Point or age 55 (AFPS 05)/60(AFPS 15), you tick the first box and go straight to Part L.   Some people worry that, by doing this, they could miss out on their Resettlement Grant (RG) but they can relax.  If an Officer who was an AFPS 75 member has more than 9 years reckonable service (RS) after the age of 21 but less than the 16 years that would entitle him to an IP, the RG is paid automatically. 

The same is true for AFPS 75 Other Ranks who give more than 12 years RS after age 18 and leave before their 22 year point, and any AFPS 05 or AFPS 15 member who gives more than 12 years service and leaves before their EDP point.  The only exception (for all) is that, if the individual leaves with other terminal benefits (so, an invaliding pension or a Tier 1 lump sum for example), there is no entitlement to the RG.  A final word for those of you leaving with benefits to claim at a later date – don’t for get to claim them!  If you do not claim, they will not be paid automatically.  You claim by submitting an AFPS Form 8 about 3 months before the date that the pension is payable.

If you are entitled to receive your pension or EDP straight away, you simply indicate which scheme or schemes these benefits flow from and complete the Parts indicated along side your indication.  The question about ‘Aggregated Benefits’ is relevant to those who have had more than one period of Regular service and have joined their periods of service in order that they count as one for pension purposes.  If you have more than one period of service, and want to join them together, you need to do so before your discharge.  

So far so good.

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