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McCloud and the Armed Forces. Credit where it’s due

In this month’s issue of The House magazine we give the Government credit for making the right decision.

If “to govern is to choose”, then Government has acted wisely in the McCloud case. We’re critical when Governments make what we regard as poor decisions. So when they get things right, as in choosing how best to resolve the McCloud case satisfactorily, let’s recognise that too.

Briefly, in response to remedying a 2019 age discrimination ruling concerning the introduction of the 2015 Public Service Pension Schemes, Government considered two remedial options. One option would have compelled people to make a pension decision based on a series of assumptions without all the facts to hand. This would likely have been the less expensive option and also less satisfactory to those concerned.

The second, and selected option, titled appealingly “Deferred Choice Underpin,” required servicemen and women to make their pension decision toward the end of their service, with full information to hand, thus enabling them to make an informed choice.

In line with the strong recommendation made by the Forces Pension Society (as we expressed in The House issue 1688, last October) and others, the Government as taken the right decision and should be applauded for doing so. Though as ever, we will carefully track the implementation of the decision.

In today’s uncertain world, it’s imperative that we recognise not only the selfless commitment of our Armed Forces but also their critically important contribution to the safety and security of our nation. The nature of the threats we face might be changing but our unswerving support for the Armed Forces Community must remain constant.

And to Government, credit where it’s due.

Source: the House Magazine

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