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Forces Pension Society Partners with new Veterans network TX-NET

TX-Net is a network that enables veterans and reservists subscribers to make meaningful connections which lead to tangible outcomes.

It is a community defined by shared values that engender mutual respect and trust. It is not a social media platform.

Forces Pension Society has joined TX-Net as a Trusted Partner and we very much look forward to supporting the network by sharing news & articles which we hope will be of interest. 

So how does it work?

TX-Net is a subscription service which will cost you £10 per year all in.  THE FIRST MONTH IS FREE

Those who have something to offer (havers) will be linked with those who have a requirement (needers). All of us are both havers and needers.

In a crowded area this project has several unique characteristics:

  • It requires subscribers to join to maintain affinity It measures the quality of transactions ensuring the credibility of participants and outcomes
  • It is inclusive, a ‘network of networks’ that goes 'with the grain' of Government policy
  • Over time it will become wholly digitally enabled for ease of operation
  • The data generated will increase impact for subscribers
  • It will be moderated to answer the unanswerable and signpost solutions including charitable support

This is a not for profit subscription service not a charity.

FPS Chief Executive Neil Marshall said

"A great initiative with real potential - the Forces Pension Society is delighted to be a TX-Net partner organisation from its launch"

For full details and how to apply to join see

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