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Scam Alert!

One of our Members has alerted us to a scam telephone call from somebody purporting to be from the National Crime Agency.

He was told that his NI number was about to be cancelled because of concerns that had been raised in connection with its use for criminal activities.

He was asked to press 1 on his telephone to be put through to somebody that would instruct him on what he needs to do next. Upon pressing 1 he was put through to somebody else who asked if he used internet banking. Our member said that he did not and the person on the other end hung up.

He then telephoned us to alert us to this apparent scam so that we can advise other Members, especially the elderly, to be on alert for such calls.

The type of call that this particular Member refers to above is particularly problematic as:

  • Pressing a number could mean that you are put through to high cost premium number, and the first that you would know is when it appears on your bill and
  • If you speak to an “operator” you may reveal personal or financial information (or both), leaving you susceptible to further criminal activity/identity theft etc.

If you do receive such a call you should contact  Action Fraud  (telephone 0300 123 2040 from England, N. Ireland and Wales. For Scotland all calls need to be made to the Police via dialling 101).

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Finally, thank you to our vigilant Member for alerting us to this issue.

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