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Webinar – Family Matters: Financial Empowerment and the Law

Rayden Solicitors

Rayden Solicitors our new Family Law partner are offering a free webinar on 8 July on How to plan for the generational stages of financial management, your family’s future financial and legal security, and your retirement.

At Rayden Solicitors, as specialist family lawyers, we meet clients at many different stages of their life journey. Our clients are often facing circumstances, and decisions, that are complicated and emotive and that they had not anticipated having to cope with.

When working with our clients through their family matter – whether that be in happy times pre marriage or planning to live together, perhaps deciding to pool their resources or thinking about their longer term life as a family, or indeed the less happy times as they go through separation or divorce – we always endeavour to help them cope with the choices they need to make, the potential upheaval they face, and arm them with the best possible advice. The longer term legal and financial implications of planning a life together, or sadly separating after a life together, can be daunting but we hope that, by providing guidance as well as access to other experts who can help them make those important decisions, we enable clients to progress to a better future.

For Armed Forces personnel there are often particularly complicated issues to deal with when sorting out financial planning and the family unit, which require specialist knowledge and experience. Rayden Solicitors’ Legal Director Rosalind Fitzgerald and Senior Associate Marc Etherington, are delighted to host a webinar alongside Andy Straw, Head of Membership for the Forces Pension Society, and Richard Howard, Chartered Financial Analyst at RMH Financial Planning, (Associate Partner Practice of St James’s Place Wealth Management), to discuss the key lifetime financial and legal decisions that Armed Forces’ serving members, veterans and their families might face.

The webinar will cover a range of topics including:
 cohabitation and prenuptial agreements;
 the legal myth of the common law spouse;
 funding a life together and planning as a family, including house purchases, pensions and wills (focusing on the 4 Armed Forces pension schemes), maximising flexibility and tax-efficiency, as well as intergenerational planning and the issues faced by the ‘sandwich generation’;
 financial decisions to be made on separation or divorce and parental responsibility.

The webinar is free to register and attend and is open to all Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans and their families

If you would like more information on Rayden Solicitors and Rosalind and Marc, please do visit our website here Rayden Solicitors
For further information on Richard Howard please do visit his website here RMH Financial Planning

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