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Are you aged 74 or older? If so, do consider our Exclusive Over 50s travel insurance scheme.

The scheme is exclusive to Forces Pension Society members, but hurry, as the joining age limit drops to 74 from 1st November 2022!

If you are in your 70s you might want to think about your long-term travel insurance needs.  Many will have travel insurance provided as part of a bundle of other benefits with their bank account, but typically such benefits end when one turns 80.  By planning ahead you can ensure you can continue to get affordable travel insurance to cover you until your travelling days are over.

Forces Pension Society members can enjoy affordable travel insurance by signing up to the FPStravelcover Over 50s scheme introduced by Trinity Insurance Services, but if you will be 75 and over on 1st November 2022 then you need to join before 31st October 2022.  This is because the Society was given a special introductory offer that allowed members who were 79 or under to join the scheme in the first year and this expires at the end of October when the joining age limit will settle at 74.

FPStravelcover Over 50s  is an annual travel insurance scheme that runs from 1st November to 31st October each year and covers multiple trips over the 12 month period. Members can join at any time in the year, but the policy will be automatically renewed on 1st November.  The costs are £270 for individuals and £375 for couples and single parents and £395 for family cover.

Once on the scheme you can remain on it indefinitely (regardless of age), as long as you pay the annual premium. There is no need to declare your medical conditions. Worldwide cover is provided on a ‘fit to travel’ basis and includes COVID 19 medical and cancellation risks.   

Winter sports, cruises and UK Travel (minimum of 2 nights pre-booked) are all covered.

Case Study – Sara Allenby, member of FPStravelcover Over 50s scheme

Sara, an Army widow, was facing a prohibitive hike in Travel Insurance as she approached her 80th birthday.  So huge was the increase in annual cover she was being quoted that she thought she might no longer be able to enjoy future travelling adventures.  But, thanks to the FPS Over 50s scheme, Sara now knows that a travelling life does not end at 80!

Sara said

“Travel has always been a passion and my late husband Michael and I travelled extensively and particularly enjoyed safaris in South Africa.  Having the next trip to look forward to helps keep one going, but the older one gets the more difficult it is to find affordable travel insurance. This is particularly challenging as one approaches 80 as I was informed by my bank that my travel insurance cover that came with my account would expire on my 80th birthday.  I was venting my frustration when a close friend, a member of the Forces Pension Society, suggested I speak to a neighbour who works for Trinity Insurance Services as they have introduced a special over-50s travel insurance scheme for the society’s members that would save me a small fortune.  

So I did, immediately, and as a result re-joined the Forces Pension Society (I had inadvertently cancelled my membership Direct Debit a few years ago) and signed up to the FPStravelcover Over 50s travel insurance. Now I have very affordable annual travel cover for the rest of my travelling years – and can also get free expert advice on my late husband’s Armed Forces Pension Scheme to boot!”

Sara is one of many who have joined or rejoined the Forces Pension Society in order to take up this benefit.  Membership of the society is open to all members of the Armed Forces – serving or retired (even if you are not in receipt of an Armed Forces Pension) – and their spouses, partners, parents, children and step-children.

For details of the travel insurance offers available from Trinity please visit your members area or call 02392 419 856 to speak to a travel insurance expert.

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