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MOD Pension Awareness Week 2022

To coincide with the annual Pension Awareness Day this year on 15th September, the Ministry of Defence is running Pension Awareness Week to provide serving members with clear and concise guidance on the various aspects of their Armed Forces Pension.

The agenda for the week is now available here.

The event will feature the release of educational videos, new and updated fact sheets, and two live presentations hosted by the team here at the Forces Pension Society. Ahead of the event, serving members will be invited to ask any pension related queries via an online forum which will guide the content of FAQ’s released daily throughout the week.

Please note that this event can only be accessed by serving members – just go to Defence Connect and search ‘MOD Pension Awareness Week 2022’ for more information.

Further announcements with more information will follow, as well as via defnet, Twitter, and single Service representatives.

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