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Approaching Resettlement? This brief is a must!

As part of our external engagement programme did you know we deliver around 40 Financial Aspects of Resettlement Briefs (FAR) a year, on behalf of the MOD?

The FAR programme is split in two parts: a comprehensive pension brief provided by ourselves, that aims to help Service personnel better understand their Armed Forces Pension and this is followed by a financial advice presentation from Lester Brunt Wealth Management Ltd

Some of you may be completely on top of your benefit entitlements but many will be blissfully unaware of the gaps in your pensions knowledge, so the Pensions Brief, which is the first part of the FAR briefing, covers not only member benefits payable by all three AFPSs and RFPS but wider entitlements.

Pension topics we cover are:

  • An overview of each pension scheme; Early Departure Payment (EDP) packages; Medical Awards; Pension Increases; Taxation; Commutation; Death in Retirement; FTRS Employment; Pen Form 1 Completion; State Pension

The financial awareness presentation will:

  • Cover all aspects of financial planning; Give ample time for questions; Offer consultations without obligation

And did you know these workshops can be attended at any point in your Service career, although priority is given to Service leavers with 9 months or less to discharge.

Briefings are tailored, where numbers permit, to different rank groups, and partners are welcome to attend. So if you’re approaching resettlement, check the remaining dates for 2024 and book now!!

For further information, to check availability or to book your provisional place, contact the CTP Central Bookings Team on 0203 162 4410.

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