Forces Pension Society

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The Forces Pension Society Manifesto 2019

Building on the high profile of our work, our reputation for expertise and independence together with our growing membership and influence, we will focus on:

Holding the Government and MOD to Account. Continue to probe, scrutinise and investigate as necessary all Forces-related pension issues and any potential future changes to rules or entitlement.

Lobbying. Continue to seek correction of unfairness or inconsistencies within the Armed Forces Pension Schemes campaigning as appropriate to rectify wrongs and errors and ensure current best practice in the administration of the schemes.

Education. Improve awareness and understanding of Armed Forces pension entitlement by means of a full briefing programme to all three Services and support organisations worldwide, allied to regular media articles in appropriate forums explaining the intricacies of the various schemes.

Outreach. Continue to explore opportunities for reaching out to the disadvantaged service community, especially through involvement in the GATEWAY, and cooperating with those in the Services charity sector, offering them appropriate advice and support.

Member Services. Serve the needs of members to the highest possible standard, ensuring that membership applications are processed promptly, that pensions enquiries are dealt with quickly, accurately and clearly; that members are kept regularly informed of important issues though the Society Newsletter and Pennant Magazine; that their privacy is protected in accordance with the latest rules and that they are offered a broad range of worthwhile services which they find beneficial.

External Scrutiny. Maintain the Society’s influence for good, particularly through its role as an independent member of the MOD Pensions Board and Veterans UK Customer Advisory Group, by contributing to the debate on public sector pensions through continued elected membership of the Public Services Pensioners’ Council, ensuring the interest of Armed Forces pensioners are taken fully into account and continuing to support the Confederation of Service Charities (COBSEO) and its monitoring of the Armed Forces Covenant by active participation as an elected member of its Executive Committee.

 Structure. Ensure the Society is structured and resourced to fulfil the above commitments to best effect.