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Thousands of Members have benefited from the advice provided and guidance given. These are just a few examples from the large number of letters we receive:

Thank you. You have, in one email, unlocked my ability to understand my pension benefits
Very many thanks for your very comprehensive response. You have provided me with all of the detail that I require. Your additional point is well made; it is one that I had not previously considered and is certainly providing additional food for thought as I mull over my options. Your personal efforts in all of this have been very much appreciated and I will certainly be recommending the Forces Pensions Society to my friends
Wow! Many thanks indeed for decoding all that. Your explanation is really clear and easily understood
Thanks for your excellent and clear advice. It's been a useful exercise. I'll put notes in my 'What to do when I die file'! That's got me sorted, well done!
I really appreciate the work done on this, thanks for the forecast. The advice about Inverse Commutation is also the first time I have had this explained
Thanks again for your pension advice. I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and been able to do this to take advantage of this situation (which suits our circumstances) so keep up the good work for the small guys out there!
Just proves beyond any doubt that FPS membership repays itself. Thank you for all your help
Many thanks for the email and the extremely comprehensive response. It has been invaluable
FPS has come up trumps as always. Thank you for that very clear summary
I joined the Medicash insurance scheme for members last June, and I should just like to say that I have been amazed by how good it is. I took out one insurance for me and one for my wife. We have been going to the normal sorts of minor treatments and check-ups one can expect at our ages, and Medicash has not once queried a claim or refused to pay.
The AXA Travel Insurance Policy is excellent. I am 81 and my wife is 79 and my quotes for a 7 week visit to Australia came to £270 with AXA versus £700 to over £2,300 with other providers. I was struck down with food poisoning prior to returning, and the treatment I received was excellent. AXA have paid me nearly all my claim without argument, all I had to do was present a proper case.
The Society has in the past year introduced a BUPA Dental Insurance Plan and I cannot do more than highly recommend them for its service and price.
Thank you for this information. It has made it all very clear; unlike anything the MOD has to offer!
I thought you should know the outcome, of the demand for return of a £65,000 ‘overpayment’ by MOD, following your recommendation. The result is for the overpayment to be completely written off. It’s been a very long and stressful 5 year battle, but with the right result eventually. Many thanks again for your advice and I hope you will continue to encourage others to ask questions and challenge demands wherever they have a case to do so.
Thank you very much for your email, pensions, especially when leaving the services after a full career are a massive part of the resettlement process and I don’t believe that there is enough knowledge out there to help. Listening to you and reading your email was invaluable information and really does make a difference so thank you