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What our Members say about us

Thousands of Members have benefited from the advice provided and guidance given. These are just a few examples from the large number of letters we receive:

Thank you for your awesomely quick response. I’ve only been a member for a couple of weeks and I feel as though I have got full value for money already! It’s good to know that when I’m old and grey that my State Pension will be worth a bit more as a result of my SSC 6… Thanks again
Dear Lt Commander Marsh, Once again thank you for explaining things in plain English that I find easier to understand. I will certainly go on the internet and take a good look at the booklet you recommend.
Good news regarding my IDRP complaint, my appeal has been up held and the money that they were demanding will be written off! Also any money owed to me will be repaid! Amazing, Once again thank you for all the help you gave me, it really did make a difference, up to that point I had felt very alone.
Thank you for your kind letter [following the death of his wife]... she was always very appreciative of all the work the FPS has done and continues to do on behalf of all the Armed Services…how much more your help is needed for the very different demands on our Servicemen and their families today...
The comprehensive notes you sent about what I should do about pensions ... were enormously is wonderful to have the FPS behind one at times like that.
Thank you so much for my pension forecast! I am having such a hectic week I would never have been able to come up with the figures in time and would have zero confidence! I really appreciate your swift reply, too. Many thanks.
I have been in touch with Veterans UK office on 3 separate occasions all to no avail... rang back... no record of my previous call... received a new reference...rang back ... was told my enquiry had been closed off. I gave this some thought and then rang you today and we resolved the problem together.
All very clear and such a quick reply! Well worth the membership fee!
I write to thank you for all the help the FPS has given me over the last years… I have now got my family pension re-instated which is wonderful news. Thank you for all you have done to help me over this difficult time. You are all doing great work.
I joined the Medicash insurance scheme for members last June, and I should just like to say that I have been amazed by how good it is. I took out one insurance for me and one for my wife. We have been going to the normal sorts of minor treatments and check-ups one can expect at our ages, and Medicash has not once queried a claim or refused to pay.
The AXA Travel Insurance Policy is excellent. I am 81 and my wife is 79 and my quotes for a 7 week visit to Australia came to £270 with AXA versus £700 to over £2,300 with other providers. I was struck down with food poisoning prior to returning, and the treatment I received was excellent. AXA have paid me nearly all my claim without argument, all I had to do was present a proper case.
The Society has in the past year introduced a BUPA Dental Insurance Plan and I cannot do more than highly recommend them for its service and price.
Thank you one and all for your persistent and ultimately successful campaign for us to retain our pensions on remarriage or co-habitation. You never gave up, you encouraged us all, and when governments refused to consider the arguments, regrouped and carried on. My beloved husband died nearly 14 years ago and even having met someone I loved I was unable to live with him or marry. You have lifted an enormous burden from me and my family. Thank you.
After showing my Desk Officer your email …Manning have accepted my withdrawal of my Early Termination and reinstated me onto my original EED…which makes my pension £2000 a year better off. Many thanks for your help and investigation.
I thought you should know the outcome, of the demand for return of a £65,000 ‘overpayment’ by MOD, following your recommendation. The result is for the overpayment to be completely written off. It’s been a very long and stressful 5 year battle, but with the right result eventually. Many thanks again for your advice and I hope you will continue to encourage others to ask questions and challenge demands wherever they have a case to do so.
I asked the FPS for advice on two specific issues last year. On both occasions the reply I received was simply outstanding and could not be faulted. The advice given was personalised and tailored. The individuals in question took the time and care to answer my query. Additionally, I spoke to one of your advisors at a FAR and he was excellent. The advice he gave perfectly reflected the advice I subsequently received by email (from another advisor). The consistency in advice was important. I am more than content to wait for excellent advice rather than receive “half-baked” advice in a shorter time frame. I also acknowledge you have sought to address the timeliness of responding to queries by two additional advisors (who I happened to meet last year at a FAR) Both appear to be real assets to the organisation- the HR department should be complimented! The additional benefits membership offers are great but as long as you continue to focus on your core output (from my perspective)- the offering of expert advice – then you will continue to have happy members. Thank you for the sterling work you perform.