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These are just a few examples from what members of the Services have to say about the Forces Pension Society:

That really helps!! I’m so glad I’m a member of your society it’s saving me so much money before I even start drawing my pension!!
I write on behalf of Donnington Support Unit, HQ 11Signal Brigade, 3 RMP 174 Pro Coy and the HQ 143 Brigade Personnel Recovery Unit (PRU) to extend our appreciation on the pension's presentation you gave recently. It was a pleasant surprise that there was an encouraging representation from the younger members of the Army; emphasising the point about early dialogue and action with pension issues, will ensure a comprehensive understanding, if or when, the time arises.
Thank you for visiting Keogh Barracks today to deliver a most informative briefing. I didn't envy you the wide range of attendees from Phase 2 trainee to Senior Officers, but you kept the whole audience engaged. As you know better than most, the Armed Forces Pensions Schemes are particularly complex and your delivery and examples made it relatively easy to understand - even the tricky bits!
We found your brief informative, unbiased and most importantly an honest straightforward forward explanation of a complex subject. Even the 'old and bold' in the audience found much of what you had to say wholly relevant and, in some cases, entirely new. I am sure there will be many a submariner now making 'just in case' or 'death' files and contemplating voluntary contributions as well as seriously considering other well given advice.
Thank you for taking the time to provide such an excellent brief on Armed Forces Pensions at RAF Cosford. The brief was highly informative, well received and was even described as entertaining. Well done!
I write on behalf of HMS ILLUSTRIOUS' Ship's Company to thank you for the extremely useful (and well attended) presentations you gave. The feedback has all been extremely positive. It was pitched exactly right; easy for all to understand as well as relevant by introducing the significant aspects of the new pension scheme and comparisons between the AFPS75 and 05. I know that the Society will have some new members as a result.
I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to you and FPS for the excellent and comprehensive presentations you gave in Germany in July. It is reassuring to know that there is an organisation like yours that is there to represent the soldiers’ interests in both their career planning and unravelling the often baffling complexities of the AFPS.
Judging by the show of hands at the end of your presentation indicated that it was very worthwhile and also tells me that you did not have a wasted journey. In addition to this, the fact the majority of the 250+ personnel present indicated that this presentation should be given to as many military personnel as possible also proves the point that it is more than worthwhile and, you are definitely not wasting your time, and will probably become even busier!
Pensions are complex and difficult to understand. Through its comprehensive understanding of both pensions and the Services, it is extremely well placed to give reliable and pragmatic assistance.
The briefing was extremely well attended, which demonstrates the high Level of interest in pensions and the importance of having an independent organisation such as Forces Pension Society that is able to offer and represent the interests of all 3 services. I know that those who attended left far more informed and with a better understanding of the AFPS 15, as well as the services FPS are able to provide.
Our Soldiers and Officers are very interested in their pensions but get limited access to individuals with the depth of knowledge and authorisation required to give your high level of advice and guidance. This was worth gold (in my case, quite literally) to those that make good decisions based on your advice.