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10 Unusual Military Allowances You Might Not Have Heard Of

Jo Fitton-Bates
By Jo Fitton-Bates
August 27, 2019

Life in the military can be tough but here are some unusual allowances that can help make up for it.

1. Experimental Test Allowance (ETA)

2. Civilian Clothing Daily Allowance and Civilian Clothing Annual Grant

3. Tax Relief for Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA)

4. Refund of Foreign Currency Exchange

5. Unpleasant Work Allowance

6. Refund of Legal Expenses

7. Publicly Funded Higher Education

8. Part Time Service Instructors Allowance

9Movement and Storage of Personal Effects

10. Service Risks Insurance Premium Refunds and Insurance Allowance

You can read the full article from Forces Network here



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