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A War to End No Wars

Jo Fitton-Bates
By Jo Fitton-Bates
August 10, 2017

A War to End No Wars

A War to End No Wars, is a beautiful stop-motion animated short following the life of a British Soldier called Tommy Atkins during his time in the trenches of the First World War.

Ruth Coggins is an animation and WW1 enthusiast. Animation and cartoons have always been a huge passion of Ruth’s and as such, she has spent many years researching and learning the craft as a hobby in her spare time. Ruth has had no training in the industry and due to this everything has been self-taught. A War to End No Wars, released in July this year, is her first animated short.

You can follow the film on Twitter and FaceBook.



Written, Directed & Animated by R Coggins

​Music by The Leisure Society, Last of the Melting Snow

​Poem by Louise Page

Read by Tim Marriott






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