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Kate in Oman

Kate Goodchild
By Kate Goodchild
February 8, 2018

Oh Man! How beautiful this country.

I had the very great privilege of briefing our service men and women who are serving out in the Middle East recently.  I was given a very warm welcome from all those in attendance, and was certainly tested to the limit of my knowledge by some of the more technical questions. The information I give at my briefs is general to accommodate everyone, but if you want specialist individual help then it is in your best interest to join the society and speak to one of our pensions experts, so that your queries are tailored to your needs.

My feet have barely touched the ground since returning back to the UK with briefs in Bristol, Chatham and Folkestone, where 1RGR are based.  The request for briefs are coming in thick and fast and I should imagine the diary for the year will fill up quickly. This should not, however, deter you from booking a unit brief, so go ahead and call me Kate Goodchild on 07725 555012 or email


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