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Hugo Fletcher
By Hugo Fletcher
July 3, 2019
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In the last newsletter I drew attention to the rise in premiums on the AXA travel insurance offered to Society members.

Several of you told me on the back of that, that you could find better deals elsewhere – but a good number also pleaded with me to retain the AXA policy because they could not get better or affordable cover anywhere else – or in several cases any cover at all. That has also been my own experience. I tried a couple of alternatives recommended by members and in both cases found that the cover offered to me was worse. My most recent foray to a company that offered a headline price of travel cover from £39.99 pa translated into annual worldwide cover for two at £513.00 once I had added my various medical ailments – £150 more expensive that my current cover.

This only goes to emphasise that it is horses for courses. There is no one size fits all and whilst all our offers may not suit everyone they will I trust continue to offer value for money to many.


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