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On the Road with Kate

Kate Goodchild
By Kate Goodchild
February 13, 2017

On a cold, wet, miserable winters day last week I drove to Ramsgate to brief the Defence Fire Training & Development Centre and the audience were a great ray of sunshine.

There was a split audience of very young newbies, who’d served less than two years and the ‘old and bold’ cynics who were heading towards the end of service. It was a more challenging brief than normal, however, the audience were very attentive and asked lots of great questions, this always make the briefs more informative and lively.

There is still the frustrating misconception that you now get nothing if you complete 22 years service. If you wish to find out what you are entitled to and want to bust these myths then please contact me, on 07725 555012 or for a full pensions brief.

Stay warm!

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