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Kate Goodchild
By Kate Goodchild
April 20, 2017
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Lately, I have been mostly surrounded by helicopters and flying people, as well as the unit brief for the Late Entry Officers Course at Sandhurst  which is fast becoming one of my most fun places to visit.

2 AAC & 660 Sqn (AAC) were good briefs although seeing the squirrel helicopters out the opposite window were rather a big distraction – yes, I like my boys’ toys too!

What continues to startle me though, is the continuing ignorance and misunderstanding regarding the ’15 Scheme. A wide range of reasons are to blame but at the end of day it is up to you ….. yes you….. to understand exactly what the benefits of the AFPS 2015 scheme are. Here is our website link to the scheme details

To do it in style with a lively and informative brief then book with me Kate Goodchild on 07725 555012 or

“Spring is a trick”, is what my eldest daughter used to say when my mum locked her out the house to play in the garden as soon as the sun came out. Nice and sunny but still quite chilly………. Kate

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