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Kate Goodchild
By Kate Goodchild
July 13, 2017
Unit Brief Blog

We always like to encourage overseas briefs as we hope it shows our commitment to Armed Forces personnel wherever they are based, so last week I briefed in NATO in Naples (very hot = lots of ice cream)

This was a slighter older audience, so the questions were based on retirement and the logistics of how to ensure the transition period and payment of the pension ran smoothly. If you are planning to leave within the next two years it is imperative to complete AFPS Form 12.  In fact I would advise anyone who is serving to complete the form so that they receive their written pension forecast. It is free everyone on an annual basis. You are not eligible for the forecast once you have left the services.

On returning home I visited RAF Halton, Tidworth & Bulford Garrison.

After last years introduction of the NEM, I occasionally get asked about additional pay. In this case at RAF Halton I was asked whether flying pay was included in pensionable salary. I went to the FPS Oracle that is David Marsh and his response was as follows:IMG_9444

“Flying Pay is not included as pensionable salary.  Indeed, no form of additional pay is pensionable.  Salary that is pensionable is included in the specific specialist pay spines such as:

a.         Professional Aviator

b.         Clearance Diver

c.         Nurse

d.         Officers Commissioned From the Ranks”

If you wish to have a unit brief (overseas or in the UK) then please call Kate Goodchild  on 07725 555012 or email




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