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Veterans’ Gateway Mental Health Awareness

Jo Fitton-Bates
By Jo Fitton-Bates
May 15, 2019
Veterans Gateway Blog

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, our partner Veterans’ Gateway is highlighting how mental wellbeing is an important part of family life.

It can affect everyone in the household. Veterans in particular may experience mental health concerns, and partners, children, or other family members may find themselves in a changed environment.  

It can be a difficult topic to speak about honestly, however there is support available for veterans and their family members. Alongside help from organisations like the NHS, there are behaviours that loved ones can look out for. With care and support, families can overcome the challenges associated with mental health.

Colin and Pete’s story
“It’s been a nightmare. I was scared” -watch  2 veterans who honestly describe their experience of living with PTSD



The wives story
“As a mother, I didn’t want to upset my children.” – Mental health issues don’t just affect veterans

Veterans’ Gateway can put you in touch with partners who can help – see more


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