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Why you should employ Veterans

Jo Fitton-Bates
By Jo Fitton-Bates
November 13, 2017
Veterans work

Some of the biggest veteran employers in the UK feature in three short films.

Also starring celebrities including Joanna Lumley, ‘Judge’ Rob Rinder and Ray Winstone, the films highlight the skills veterans can bring to employers, and some of the barriers that need to be overcome for them to secure new, fulfilling careers when they leave the military.

There are an estimated 2.6 million military veterans in the UK – and 900,000 of them are estimated to be of working age. Veterans Work encourages businesses to consider these veterans as part of their hiring strategy.

Veterans Work challenges employers to look beyond rigid hiring criteria and recognise the value that Service leavers can bring to business. Taking a slightly longer term view and harnessing the transferable skills of veterans can pay great dividends.

To read more about the project and view the films go to the Veterans Work website.

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