Forces Pension Society

Fighting for the forces and their families


Campaign success stories

Complete independence from the MOD has allowed us to engage vigorously with Parliament, ministers, military chains of command and government officials to ensure that Service pensions are as good as they can be. Over the years our significant successes have included:

  • Abolition of means testing for Service widows’ pensions
  • Index linking of Service pensions
  • Progressively increasing widows’ pensions
  • Pensions for widows of post-retirement marriages
  • Resolution of improper taxation on invaliding pensions
  • Significant improvement to dependants’ pension benefits in the AFPS 05
  • Justice for Widows Campaign which led to all widows currently in receipt of an armed forces pension retaining it on remarriage/cohabitation. This rule was announced by the govt in Nov 14 and took effect from 1 April 2015
  • Annual Allowance letter error -  letters sent notifying scheme members of their tax position relating to annual allowance were incorrect: these letters were immediately withdrawn and reissued
  • Representative Rates of Pay  - pensions paid as from 1 April 2016 to WO1s under the 1975 scheme were too low, as they were based on an incorrect pension code. They were recalculated and arrears paid in full.
  • The reinstatement of the Short-Term Family Pension which had been paid under the 1975 scheme to widows for the first of three or six months after their bereavement and had been stopped as from 2015.
  • Countless individual case work problems solved for members