Forces Pension Society

Fighting for the forces and their families


Helping individual Members

We provide a valuable advisory service to our members on their individual Service pension problems. These vary widely and have included issues such as potential dependants’ pension entitlement, pension-sharing orders on divorce and other complex subjects where the knowledge of our experts has proved invaluable.

One of our most popular services is to check that pensions have been accurately calculated. We routinely come across cases where they have not been and have been able to get errors rectified. We have on many occasions picked up mistakes which would otherwise have cost members hundreds or even thousands of pounds and which may not have been identified.

We would like to believe that most people entitled to an Armed Forces pension are broadly content with their pension arrangements. Unfortunately the Society’s average monthly caseload tends to suggest that many are not.

Over the years, many thousands of your colleagues and their widows have been greatly relieved to know of our existence and unique ability to help at a time when all other doors appeared firmly closed.