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Armed Forces Pension Schemes Resettlement Briefings

The Society conducts, on behalf of the MOD, comprehensive briefing sessions on the Armed Forces Pension Schemes to Service men and women as part of their resettlement process – the one day financial aspects of resettlement course

Resettlement is funded by the MOD as a reward for your service. It helps and advises on the huge challenge of making the transition to civilian life and the many decisions you will have to make. Understanding the pension to which you are entitled is an important part of that process so these sessions are essential for anyone leaving the Armed Forces, young or old.

If you don’t want to retire or are too young to do so, resettlement can help you find places to train for a new career or start a business, help you assess your skills and understand how to present yourself for employment.

A comprehensive programme of briefings is carried out all over the country (and overseas) each year. The programme for this year is listed below, however prospective attendees should always check with their local resettlement organisation in case there have been changes.

Below are the dates for 2017:

12PortsmouthAll Ranks
17NortholtAll Ranks
25CottesmoreAll Ranks
8AldershotAll Ranks
9TidworthAll Ranks
16LondonSenior Officers
21PlymouthAll Ranks
23GermanyAll Ranks
1Rosyth, ScotlandAll Ranks
9CottesmoreAll Ranks
15PortsmouthAll Ranks
28CatterickAll Ranks
4TidworthAll Ranks
20PlymouthAll Ranks
11PortsmouthAll Ranks
18GibraltarAll Ranks
1TidworthAll Ranks
1CyprusAll Ranks
6CatterickAll Ranks
8CottesmoreAll Ranks
14AldershotAll Ranks
27NIAll Ranks
4PortsmouthAll Ranks
6PlymouthAll Ranks
12NortholtAll Ranks
18TidworthAll Ranks
20ColchesterAll Ranks
5CatterickAll Ranks
7TidworthAll Ranks
13CottesmoreAll Ranks
19Rosyth, ScotlandAll Ranks
21LondonSenior Officers