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The Best Bit…AFPS15 and Part-time Reserves

May 16, 2017
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If you leave the Armed Forces with a deferred AFPS15 pension, an AFPS15 EDP lump sum and an EDP income stream (that is payable until your state pension age), you can join the Part Time Reserves and continue to have your AFPS15 pension increase via your Part Time Reserve salary, whilst still in receipt of your AFPS15 EDP income stream.
Furthermore, if you stay in the Part Time Reserves until age 60 you will be allowed to have your AFPS15 pension put into payment at that age, and not have to wait until your state pension age.
The best bit is that from age 60 until your state pension age you will receive your AFPS15 pension in full, and your AFPS15 EDP income stream – not bad eh?



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