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Annual Allowance (AA) and Forecasts

December 20, 2018
Letter Pile

As mentioned previously, this year’s AA letters for those serving personnel who had breached their allowance, would be late in coming from Veterans UK, on account of the government’s postponement of the 2018 pay award announcement until September 2018.

We also mentioned that in order to cope with the burden of publishing the AA letters in a shortened time frame, the MOD had suspended its pension forecast service (the mandatory provision of an annual free forecast (via AFPS Form 12) on request to any AFPS member who asks).

The AA season is now well under way and we are receiving very large numbers of requests from members seeking advice on what the letters mean and what to do about them. This is time-sensitive information, required in order to submit tax returns by 31 Jan 18. We are also receiving very large numbers of requests for forecasts from those who have been unable to get them from MOD (a situation likely to continue until end February).

We continue to service both requirements and are dealing with all requests as soon as practicable. However, the volume of traffic has meant that we have introduced a triage system to ensure that time-sensitive issues – be they AA, or forecasts or anything else are dealt with within an appropriate time-frame. In short, replies to your queries have got slower, for which we apologise; nevertheless we still expect to be able to meet your various requests, allowing you to make the decisions you need to when you need to.


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