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A fantastic outcome for the Society!

October 10, 2017

A recently widowed member (whose late husband had previously been divorced) got in touch to say that her widows pension looked surprisingly low.

We saw the figures and agreed. What had happened is that her widow’s pension had been calculated based on her husband’s pension but reduced to take account of the pensions sharing order following his earlier divorce; rather than – as it should – based on her husband’s full pension. A simple mistake and once we spotted it the pension was restored in full. If she had  trustingly accepted the award made to her without asking us to check it for her, she would have been in receipt of a widow’s pension that was £5,372 per year less than what she will now receive.

The member said to us  “I thank you once again as the correct pension is now due to me, in accordance with my late husband wishes, and that my membership of your society has been well and truly earned.” To which we can only reply “Thank you – that’s what we’re here for!”

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