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Death Benefit Nomination Forms

September 6, 2017
Forms Blog

The story of Charlotte Hughes, the widow who was denied her husband’s death benefit lump sum because his death benefit nomination form made under the AFPS 05/15 schemes (it does not apply to the AFPS 75 scheme) was out of date (predating their marriage by several years) has featured regularly in our communications.

This is now the subject of an appeal to the Pensions Ombudsman. Pending resolution, all three Services have invested a good deal of effort in telling serving personnel to update any nominations they may have made – but the same effort has not been made with retired personnel.

So if you served under AFPS 05 or 15 and you filled in a nomination form naming someone as the beneficiary of a death lump sum – then make sure it is up to date by completing  AFPS_Form_2 , or the wrong person may get your death benefit lump sum.

Read the full Charlotte Hughes story in the May Pennant 17

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