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November 18, 2019
Soldier Calc

The need to deliver a timely response to our Members means we have changed the way we deal with pension forecasts. Would Members please use the following steps.

Step 1 – Calculator

If you are serving, please use the MOD’s on-line pension calculator here.  This can be used by the majority of service personnel to model benefits against future or potential ranks and exit dates. There is a MOD guide on how to use the calculator here

Step 2 – Veterans UK

All serving members of AFPS are entitled to apply to Veterans UK in Glasgow, for a formal forecast free-of-charge, once a year. This is done by submitting AFPS Form 12 here. This form must be submitted in hard-copy by post – Veterans UK will not accept e-mail submissions. Additional forecasts can be requested within a 12-month period but they attract an administrative charge.

For individuals who are no longer in service and who wish to understand their entitlement to a preserved pension, please submit AFPS Form 14 here.

Step 3 – Forces Pension Society

Once you have received your forecast from Glasgow, we can audit the figures for you and explain their meaning. Please scan Glasgow’s response and e-mail it to us at  As we don’t have access to your service details, you will need to provide in the e-mail:

  • Confirmation of your last day in service
  • Dates of any breaks in service
  • Dates of any previous service
  • If you have a Pension Sharing Order in place following a divorce – if so, please provide a copy of your Discharge of Liabilities letter.

In addition, you will need to provide details of your salary since April 2015.  To do this:

  • Log into JPA and select JPA Self-Service – Employee, Armed Forces.
  • Select My Information views.
  • Select salary tab, and take a screen shot of the salary since April 2015 to date.

Please note that without the above information, we are unable to audit your pension forecast

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