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Demand for our Services

April 16, 2018

If you have a question for our expert pension team, please note that due to considerable demand for our services at this time we have reluctantly decided not to take telephone calls to the pension enquiry desk until 1300hrs each day.

This will facilitate maximum resource effort to respond to the email queue.  Email correspondence remains our preferred means of communication simply to enable comprehensive explanation of the complex questions we receive and also to enable members to retain a copy of our responses for future referral, not to mention the ability to maintain an audit trail.  If you have a question to ask, we should be grateful if you would send an email to and one of our pension enquiry team will respond as soon as possible – we hope that by taking this course of action, we will be able to reduce the queue to an acceptable level and be in a position to respond within a few days of your email arriving.

Thank you.

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