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Don’t get caught out – a recent Veterans’ Gateway case!

January 8, 2018

John’s “pension” stopped on his 65th birthday so he contacted the Veterans’ Gateway for help.

His case was passed to us and we explained that, as an AFPS05 member leaving before age 55, he left with Early Departure Payment (EDP) benefits not a pension, and that the EDP income ceases at age 65.  He should have claimed his preserved pension three months or so before his 65th birthday on an AFPS Form 8  in order for his pension to take over where his EDP stopped.

It sounds odd that someone in receipt of EDP needs to claim their preserved pension but, when the pension is claimed, Veterans UK are obliged by tax law to check whether the claimant has breached the HMRC Life Time Allowance.  The AFPS Form 8 contains questions about other pensions in payment at the time that the AFPS pension is claimed (and about any occupational payments due in the future).

Don’t get caught out – remember to claim you preserved pension.

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