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Looking after your family – family benefits explained

April 11, 2018

Whether you die with a pension in payment or with preserved or deferred benefits, your family have clear cut entitlements.

This article will set out the survivor benefits (adult and children’s pensions separately) scheme by scheme and any criteria that apply, but readers need to remember that they may have benefit entitlements from more than one scheme due to the introduction of AFPS 15. Entitlement to dependant benefits from one scheme does not alter the entitlement to any benefits earned in another.

Looking first at adult benefits. It is pretty obvious that Veterans UK will require a death certificate but what may not be so clear is that they will be asking for documentation to prove a marriage or civil partnership too. Dealing with a bereavement is very distressing and demanding, and Forces Pension Society members will know that we recommend a “Just in Case” file where important documents and contact details are kept. If you have such a file, make sure your marriage or civil partnership documents are in it!

Read the full article on pages 8 and 9 of this month’s Pathfinder Magazine 

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