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Medical & Dental Officers’ Pension Calculations – A Resolution!

February 10, 2017

Another very significant success for the Forces Pension Society

In the last Pennant  (page 40) we described our representations on behalf Medical and Dental Officers (MODOs) on AFPS75, and how we were waiting for an explanation to our challenge about changes in the way the pension was calculated. Well, this now seems to have been resolved.

In 2015 the MoD retrospectively and without notice changed the policy for  calculating Medical & Dental Officers’ (MODOs) reckonable service for pension purposes, and the award of professional supplements to their AFPS75 pensions.  The new rules calculated entitlement as starting from registration with the GMC or GDC, not their date of commissioning  which would have been earlier. So they had less service to take into account.. At a stroke this made many significantly worse off and put them in a different position from those who had retired before the new rules became effective.

We took the matter up with Defence Business Services and we suggested to our members that they should submit Service Complaints, and following this the change of rules in respect of reckonable service was rescinded. So far so good. But it seemed that although reckonable service would once again be calculated from the earlier date, there would be no such restoration for professional supplements (the extra pension being paid to MODOs) which would still be  calculated from date of registration and not date of entry as previously.

The MoD has now at last  rescinded this rule too, so the rules have returned to the pre 2015 status quo and we have been told that any pensions awarded with an inaccurate entitlement have been corrected. Already today members have let us know that they have received the money owed to them.

And not before time. These were  unfair, ill-considered rules which sought without notice to make retrospective change and to treat individuals on exactly the same terms of service in a different manner. FPS is pleased to have played its part in getting them rescinded.

If you are a MODO,  a member of FPS and  left the Armed Forces with immediate AFPS75 pension entitlement between March 2016 and today, and would like the Society to audit that award for you, please contact us at

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